Cranberry Juice: Urinary Tract Infections Natural Remedy, & Much More!

Cranberry juice, urinary tract health booster! Do you know cranberries not only helps in urinary tract infections, they are rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals which give you more health benefits that you think!

Some substances which can be found in cranberries: phytochemicals, antioxidants and organic acids. Phytochemicals are beneficial to our body in fighting certain cancers and infections. It is also good for people who are suffering from UTI or urinary tract infections. More researchers’ revealed more cranberries’ benefits, just by eating and drinking cranberries.  Most scientists now believe that it has a potential capable of helping those who had stomach and gum problems. It can also improve body’s circulatory system.

A daily glass of cranberry juice will provide relief for asthma patients by crushing down the fruits and boil them on hot water with the skin. It is same with the doctor’s prescription to control some attacks. Proanthocyanidins are tannins, which are also considered an important contributor to a healthy heart through the extracted juices which can lower the blood cholesterol. Consumption of dried cranberries leads to more flexible veins and arteries; this prevent the risk of stroke or heart diseases. It helps in coronary thrombosis or clotting of blood in veins which is good for cardiovascular system

Cranberries also act as a bactericide and disrupt the development of kidney stones and the ability to prevent peptic ulcers. Its juice dislodges bacteria present in stomach and urinary tract and cures infection. It can do so because of the tannins compound it consists. Tannins block the bacteria from attaching themselves to the surface of the lining of the specific body part. These compounds found in cranberries helps to remove bacteria attached onto the lining of urinary tract, thus helping to relief urinary tract infections.

There is an exciting new research revealed that cranberries are potentially a good source for anti-aging. The juices contain lots of antioxidant that averts free radical damage which leads to muscular degeneration and aging. They also found out that it could also help protect the brain from neurological damage because of the presence of “proanthocyanidine” in the fruit.
Cranberry can be an anti- inflammatory property that makes it a wonderful asset when it comes to treating diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis. It is also big help in the treatment of prostate cancer and the new researches are still on going if it has an ability to combat the multiplication of breast cancer cells.

Some people don’t like the taste the cranberries because of its sour taste. But its sour taste gives sweet benefits, which is the most important of all. The conventional way of taking cranberries is to drink the juices, or intake of cranberries. But, the juices are very sweet and cranberry powder form comes with sugar which can add calories. If you are very health conscious, and do not want to put on weight, cranberry supplements is your option. They are easily available for sale, which offers the fastest and easiest way to reap the health benefits of cranberries.  With numerous health benefits cranberries can offer, the next time your see cranberry juice, urinary tract infection remedy should not be the only benefit that comes to your mind.