Want to prevent Urinary Infection? Cranberry Can Help, & Find Out What Else Can You Do.

If you are searching for natural relief or prevention for urinary infection, cranberry can help. Let’s also look at more ways to prevent urinary traction infections.

We always hear about the sayings “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. The more complicated the infection, the more difficult the treatment would be. There are lots of causes and risk factors of having urinary tract infections but there is many prevention methods we can practice to avoid it (and from happening again).

Proper hygiene practices help to prevent urinary tract infections. After every bowel movement, women should practice wiping from front to back instead from back to front. This will lessen the chance of bacteria in entering into your vagina and urethra. Next, before and after sexual intercourse, both partners should wash their genital area to keep it clean. Water will help to wash away those bacteria that are sticking and attached on the skin around the rectum. It is better that after sexual intercourse, you should try to urinate to flash out bacteria could have entered into the urethra or virginal during the sexual intercourse.  

Avoid wearing tight clothes and jeans; instead use cotton fabrics for panties especially. These will allow better ventilation in your genital area and bacteria will not develop and cause urinary tract infections. During their period, one should always keep in mind not to over use any tampons and napkins so that you will not let bacteria breed. If you’re using some feminine wash, look for a water based product instead of alcohol based which will not make your natural ph to dry up. Dryness can caused bacteria to stick on the walls of your vagina causing urinary infection. Cranberry juices/supplements added in your daily diet will help to prevent urinary tract infections.

When you feel the urge to urinate, don’t hold your bladder for long. The bladder is a muscle that stretches to hold urine and contracts when the urine is released. Holding on the urge to urinate for too long, may cause it to stretch beyond its capacity which over time can weaken the bladder muscle. When the bladder is weakened, it may not be able to empty urine completely. With some urine left in the bladder, this may increase the risk of urinary tract infection or bladder infection.

Taking bath everyday, especially for ladies may make one more prone to urinary tract infections. Try to take a shower instead most of the times will help to prevent urinary tract infection.

 It is also good if you take vitamin C everyday. This will help keep your immune system strong and will keep your body healthy, to fight against free radicals that are not good and cause diseases. Needless to say, when you suspect that you are having mild symptoms of urinary infection, cranberry can help, or you can drink lots of water to flush those bacteria out from your body. Try to include cranberries in your daily diet, as they help to prevent and relief urinary tract infections.